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Most realtors just escort you to open houses every weekend -- something you can do on your own or on your computer from the comfort of your own home. Charlie went above and beyond to add value and find us our dream home in Encinitas, CA. He reached out to off-market houses, networked his way through our favorite neighborhoods, and leveraged his firm's resources to find us the perfect house at the perfect price. Charlie is a rock star. He is easy to communicate with, quick to respond, and gets the job done. Thanks again, Charlie! You really do know SD :)

by Taylor Schulte

Charlie was always available for calls/texts/emails and, if not, returned them in a very timely fashion. He was very flexible in scheduling showings to accommodate my availability and was honest about price and conditions of a property. When asked, he had great ideas of ways to improve a property if purchased, and instinctively knew if a property was right for you the moment you walked through. His friendly and upbeat demeanor was a welcome addition to what can be a very stressful and lengthy process, especially in this market as a buyer. Each step was seamless and delivered with ease and confidence. Choosing him as an agent in this house hunting adventure is one of the best decisions I ever made

by Denise Falkenthal

Thank you Charlie for your Amazing knowledgeable service in selling our home. I appreciate you always keeping me in the loop and letting me know what the next step was. I appreciate all you do. Thank you again and I will for sure refer you. Bill and Cathy

by Cathy Montie

Charlie was a joy to work with. He responded quickly to every call, text, and email - even on weekends! And, his negotiation skills saved us over $35k. I highly recommend Charlie as a real-estate agent.

by Tina Stock

Responsive, on top of everything, and quick to get back to us. We referred him to our parents who are also searching for a home, so that should say a lot about our experience.

by Amanda Stock

Charlie knows how to HUSTLE. We were using another realtor who had sole our previous home. I was frustrated because I felt I was doing all if the work. Looking at the market multiple times a day determining where and what to buy. I felt like the internet made it far to easy for realtors to get a little lazy when they were working with buyers, leaving it on the buyer. I expected in this competitive market a realtor representing us would door knock, write letters and fine houses fornus that were not yet on the market. But no, I was spending endless hours doing the work! That is when Charlie called us! He happened to know us and know what we were looking for. He does all those things I had wished our realtor had done too! The first house he showed us we made an offer (it was off market) and we got it! Additionally Charlie delt with organizing every inspection and even meetings with contractors to give us bids on some remodeling we wanted to do. He also had a similar eye to me, and immediately pointed out the things I had also noticed needed to be changed. It was refreshing to work with a realtor that is really working for the buyer, and hustling rather than waiting. Thanks Charlie!

by Lara Schulte
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